One of the key factors thrown sharply into focus by the many Consumer Surveys that we have conducted since 1989 was the increasing proportions of Homemakers who purchased their requirements of branded fmcg's from Modern Trade Outlets. This trend was evident among Households belonging to all five SEC groups as can be seen from the table below for Urban Households between 2003 and 2010.

  2003     2010  
  SEC-A   5086
  SEC-B   2351
  SEC-C   1242
  SEC-D   0840
  SEC-E   0320

The rapidly increasing numbers of Homemakers who are beginning to appreciate the benefits of Supermarket Shopping are expected to be boosted further with the penetration of this marketing channel to new geographic locations.

The Buying Behaviour of Homemakers in a Supermarket environment then becomes an area of information critical to Marketers. This vital gap in the market information space in Sri Lanka was filled effectively with the introduction of SRL SuperTrak in 2003.